The Safe Specialty Cleaning Solution

What is soda blasting?

An environmentally friendly, gentle, water soluble restoration technique in which baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is projected at high velocity toward a surface. This medium is wonderful for delicate surfaces as it does not generate heat which makes it ideal for fire damaged soft woods and delicate surfaces (bonus: this technique is the only blasting capable of absorbing odors and true degreasing!).

Why opt for soda blasting over other blasting media?

Unlike traditional blasting media, baking soda will not pit, embed, or lodge itself in all of those surface nooks and crannies that tend to pop up on various projects. This means there is no need to pre-clean the projects surface area that otherwise may be further damaged when surface particulates are forced deeper in to the base. Due to its water soluble nature after blasting a proper washing will eliminate any trace of the media. What does this mean for you? A smooth clean, grease-free surface ready for refinishing!

What exactly does eco-friendly/safe soda blasting mean?

If used in a non-hazardous application (on a surface in which hazardous chemicals are not already present) once finished this media can simply be washed away without damaging sewers systems or sanitary drains. With a PH of 8.2 there is potential for landscape damage (to the same level that occurs when roads are salted in the winter) however, this is easily preventable by treating the surrounding area with water prior to starting a project and laying a cover over any ornamental or delicate bushes. Sodium bicarbonate is also non-toxic to humans who come in contact with it dermatologically or via inhalation. In fact the main danger in using this media comes from the project itself and or the hazards previously present.

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