The Abrasive Blasting Cleaning Solution

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting, otherwise known as abrasive blasting, is the forceful propelling of an abrasive media against a surface. For years it has been the preferred quick method of surface preparation for paint or sealant. Not only does this provide a clean surface it can rejuvenate brick, concrete, or stucco.

What is wet sandblasting vs dry sand blasting?

Wet sandblasting is when water is mixed with the abrasive media to form a slurry. This is the most typical form of sandblasting.

Dry sandblasting, you guessed it, is when water is absent from the abrasive media mixture. Dry sandblasting is most often used on metal surface preparation.

Is sandblasting a health hazard?

Originally sand used to be the most common abrasive media but it sand was found to contain crystalline silica (the cause of Silicosis). All of our media are 100% Silica-free and toxic-metal free. This means you get a safe alternative to hazardous chemicals while still receiving the desired results of traditional sandblasting!

Why choose sandblasting?

While Soda Blasting is a fantastic option for cleaning many non industrial or “delicate” surfaces some jobs require a quick, clean, cost effective approach. Sandblasting offers a finished “toothed” surface better for bonding, painting, or coating and can save substantial time/man hours of traditional hand cleaning.

How long does the sandblasting process take?

We understand that you have a job in mind and with that job there is usually a deadline you are trying to meet. As we are a fully mobile specialty cleaning operation we usually do not have any trouble in meeting your deadline and providing the fantastic results you desire.

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